Clothwitch is at the intersection of...


Our efforts are driven by a dream that doesn’t destroy the environment, add to consumer culture, abuse workers, perpetuate fast fashion, or constantly beg you to buy buy buy.


We use secondhand clothing and materials for all of our creations, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. Every discarded garment or material we use is laundered, examined for damage, lovingly deconstructed and then brought back to life in a new form.


Letting our desire for personal expression drive our clothing choices is the act of choosing style over fashion. When we don't let trends dictate our purchases, we help transform an outdated industry.


Our clothing is not just about covering your body. It's about creative expression, intention, and transformation. It's about taking old garments and old ideas and transforming them to fit a new world where compassion rules.


We create magic by transforming discarded clothing and materials into quality one-of-a kind wearable pieces. We look to the past for inspiration and to the future for implementation. We are focused on unique ways to use pre-loved materials in effort to promote the possibilities of and within a sustainable future.